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268 Toronto FC Músicas & amp; Cantos de futebol

2293 The TFC Massive Support the TFC. . .in French!! Playlist
4502 Oh When the Reds A true classic for your Reds . . make it your ringtone. Playlist
5863 Allez Les Rouges Allez Root for the Reds in French!! Playlist
6179 Bounce Any chance you have a better version out there? Would make a great ringtone! Playlist
7573 Who Are Ya? Well.... Playlist
15984 Oh Toronto! Toronto in full voice
16204 This Is Our House! Fan favourite both at home and on at away matches.. let the other supporters know who is boss
16412 All Your Fault! Givin' it to keepers who f*ck it up for there club..
17081 When I Was Just A Little Boy TFC
18149 David Who? // Landon Who? Toronto fans aren't like the rest of MLS supporters, We don't like prissy Beckham just because he is Beckham. We love the Reds. Also, We hate the pansy c*nt Landon Donovan.. Primadonovan!
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18373 Toronto Till I Die! Outside The BMO after beating Colorado.
18585 We Don't Pay.. Sang away.. Being the only club from Canada, our Canadian supporters have free health care. The Yanks have to pay! HA ! HA !
18588 The Freddy Montero Sung April 4th 2009 against Seattle
18928 The Reds Go Marching On To Victory The Reds Go Marching On To Victory
19460 Dichio! Dichio! The Man the Legend!
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