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Anthems, foot stomping classics and funny football songs picked by FC Towers from FanChants USA. The best fan chants at opposing players and more, all handpicked by the FanChants team

Спартак наш!

in the 1982 UFEA cup match, 66 fans lost there lives in the Spartak v HFC Harleem in Moscow. RIP. today

Glasgow Celtic Champions

Celtic beat fierce rivals Rangers 7-1 in the 1957 league cup final! today

We Love You Tottenham

Man City take on Spurs at home. Can Spurs prove that they can battle it out with the big boys? yesterday

We Are Leeds, We Are Leeds

October 17th 1919 saw the forming of one of the best supported clubs in the land, Leeds United! 2 days ago

Green Army, Green Army, Green Army

Plymouth Argayle payed thre first game on the 16th of October 1886! They lost 1-0... 3 days ago

Club Olimpia Chant 6

104 years ago today, Club Olimpia was formed! 4 days ago

Sevilla, Sevilla

109 years ago otday spanish football club Sevilla was formed! 5 days ago

Gabby Agbonlahor (He's Fast)

Happy birthday to the lightning fast Gabby Abgbonlahor! 6 days ago


Spanish National day! Also the National team takes on Luxembourg tonight in an UFEA European Qualifier. Can the Spanih put the disappointmet of the World Cup behind them, and dominate International football again? 7 days ago

Brasil Decime Que Se Siente

Argentina v Brazil, in a big south American grudge match. Can the World Cup finalist get a win in this "freindly" game? 8 days ago


Mexico v Honduras in a central America derby! 9 days ago

V Dolini Tihi - The Silent Valley

UFEA European Qualifier tonight and Slovenia take on Switzerland. 10 days ago

Just Can't Get Enough

Founded in 1997, Chicago Fire where named after the great Chicago fire in 1871! 11 days ago

And It's Hartlepool

Hartlepool take on Sheffield United tonight. Hartlepool have only beat Sheffeild once at home in the last 6 games! 12 days ago

Proud To Be A Buddie

St Mirren played 1st game on this day in 1877 beating Johnstone Britannia 1-0. Are you proud to be a buddie? 13 days ago

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